Penchan Phoborisut

Dr. Penchan Phoborisut teaches digital reporting and communication technologies. Her research examines the visualization of social movements and activism in the digital era, particularly in the networked communication. She examines the visuals forms of political expressions, analyzing the emerging rhetoric, the changing dynamic of the young generation, and the communication of their political life. 

Her recent research projects examine the perpetuation of “foreign bodies” in the cases of Asians and Asian Americans who have been targets of hate incidents in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Her work problematizes the constructed narrative of the Asians, particularly the Asian women, whose bodies are hypersexualized. 

Along with conferences in communication, she was a guest speaker at “New Media, Activism and Social Movements in Asia” at Harvard University in 2015 and Weatherhead’s East Asian Institute at Columbia University in 2016-2019, University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies in 2020, and Johns Hopkins University Press’ SAIS Review of International Affairs 40.2 Issue Launch: The Revolution Will Be Televised in 2021. 

Prior to academia, she was a news reporter and news producer for local and international broadcasters in Thailand and Japan.

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