Mission and Vision


Our Vision

ieiMedia’s vision is to provide our students with the confidence and sense of purpose needed for a life in global communications as emissaries of truth who are inspired to pursue a future as ethical and professional global storytellers.

Our Mission

ieiMedia is a community of educators and media professionals dedicated to providing life-changing and immersive educational experiences abroad for our students.  Through mentoring and cultural immersion, students learn to tell the world's stories.

Who is ieiMedia?

For over two decades the Institute for Education in International Media (ieiMedia) has been committed to preparing our students to master the media skills necessary to distinguish themselves as the best in the industry.   We are dedicated to journalism, communication and all forms of media studies with programs that provide diverse perspectives through close collaboration of our professors and students across the nation.  We achieve our mission through supporting our professors and university partners to assemble programs across the globe which are their own tailored learning experiences for the students.

Our founder and President, Prof. Andrew Ciofalo (Emeritus, Loyola U.), created his first project as a university study-abroad program in 2000 at Loyola University in Maryland.  In 2005 he decided it was important to establish ieiMedia as a private organization in order to achieve his goal of operating with educators from across the nation.   Over the years Prof. Ciofalo has attracted and continues to assemble faculty and staff that have grown to include professionals and academics (mostly tenured) from more than 20 accredited universities. We have several professors who have been awarded Pulitzers.  Our passion for education is evident within all of our professors and administration.  These and other distinguishing attributes to our organization are unlike any other institution.  It allows us to respond faster to the changing landscape in international media and to be the pioneer of programs in converged media and backpack journalism.

As the Institute for Education in International Media, we have continued to send university students abroad for month-long programs in communications and journalism since 2006.  We welcome you all; students, professors, and professionals, to join us on this journey in telling the world’s stories!

  • Andy Ciofalo

    Andy Ciofalo (ieiMedia Founder and President) is professor emeritus of communication/ journalism at Loyola College Maryland, where he arrived in 1983 to found what is now The Communication Department. In 2002, he founded the Cagli Program in International Reporting, a multimedia study-abroad program in Cagli, Italy, which laid the foundations for the Institute for Education…

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