Mission Statements

Mission Statements

The Institute for Education in International Media (ieiMedia) is committed to its special niche in higher education: partnering with universities in developing and offering experiential summer programs abroad for students of journalism and communications.

Our success rests firmly on the three-legged constituency of students, faculty and department. For that reason, we’ve expressed our mission in three statements.


The goal of the Institute for Education in International Media (ieiMedia) is to help students find a sense of purpose in choosing a life in communications and journalism. We will sharpen those core skills needed to adapt to a rapidly changing field. And we’ll do it abroad to get students working outside their comfort zones, free from the narratives that stifle creativity and thinking. We will help students find their own voices to become better communicators. We will make them aware of what it means to be an ethical professional. We want our students to be confident in their roles as change agents in the world and emissaries of truth.


The goal of the Institute for Education in International Media (ieiMedia) is to actualize interest in faculty-led media programs abroad. We handle the infrastructure so that faculty are free to concentrate on curriculum and teaching. Our goal is to assist faculty in becoming effective experiential teachers within a collegial context. We ask them to teach collaboratively with other faculty and work as colleagues with their students toward common goals.


The goal of the Institute for Education in International Media (ieiMedia) is to show Journalism and Communications units how third-party partnerships can provide new ways of expanding their offerings. Our main goal is to mobilize more faculty-led programs through experiential teaching opportunities abroad. In process, we enable professional development by giving unique opportunities for faculty to work collaboratively with each other and with students.