This program has been made possible through a partnership with The Atrium, Istituto di Lingua Italiana an international language and cultural school. We would like to express our appreciation to the faculty and staff of the institute for all their support. Special thanks to Dr. Franco Mansi and Donna Galletta.

The CAGLI PROJECT is a Loyola College Department of Communication Initiative

Documenting Cagli

A New Approach to International Programs


July 15, 2002
Prof. Andrew Ciofalo
Communication Dept.
Loyola College, Baltimore

Six weeks ago a group of 24 Loyola communications majors and six faculty members arrived in the small city of Cagli in central Italy on the Adriatic side of the Apennine range where the ancient Via Flaminia slopes gently toward the coastal city of Fano. Our presence was a practical solution for Loyola communication majors who until now have had few opportunities for studying abroad. Excitement also ran high among the faculty who were well aware that our initiative might break some new ground in journalism and international education.

We chose Cagli for our 6-credit summer program because, while not isolated, it is not on any tourist’s “must see” list. There are no tour buses, no distribution of the International Herald Tribune, no CNN and no English-speaking shopkeepers. In addition, we had the help of a local host: The Atrium, Istituta di Lingua Italiana, where faculty and students attended a one-hour session in Italian four days a week.

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