Professor Andrew Ciofalo: Mr. Ciofalo has been teaching journalism at Loyola College since the inception of the Communication Department 18 years ago. Since earning his Master's in Journalism from Columbia University, he has had a varied career in media, including publications and higher education. He has edited a number of weeklies in the New York metropolitan area, a business monthly and a number of small national magazines. At Loyola he has become known for his op-ed writing an d has published several academic articles on the topic. His most recent publication is his essay, "The Muse in the News," which explores the relationship between journalism and poetry.

Dr. Judith Doble: Dr. Dobler (Ciofalo) has also been on the Communication Department faculty since its inception. Immediately after earning her doctorate at the University of Iowa, she came to Loyola to play a significant role in the college's groundbreaking Writing-Across-the-Curriculum program, which was funded by a major national grant. In addition to specializing in the teaching of essay writing, she heads the department's Empirical Rhetoric program, which gives qualified entering freshmen opportunities to do more advanced writing. Dr. Dobler also chairs the college's Gender Studies Program. Her academic research aganda focuses on the development and use of metaphor in early scientific writing, an interest that is expressed in one of her courses, "Translating the Secrets of Science."
Michael Braden, S.J.: Fr. Braden came to Loyola in 1999 from Loyola University of New Orleans, where he taught in The Broadcast Sequence and International Media Issues. Since coming here, he has developed the video component of the Digital Media emphasis and has also been setting up the college's radio and TV studios to support the curriculum and to enable students to develop their own programs for internal campus distribution. Fr. Braden earned his doctorate in International Communications at the Univeristy of Illinois (Champaign). His creative endeavors focus on the making of documentary films.
Diana Samet: Ms. Samet has been teaching print graphics at Loyola since 1987. She earned the MA in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore, and has since taken advanced doctoral level courses. Her advanced course work focuses on hypermedia and web design. While at Loyola College in the Communication Department she helped spearhead the movement into the electronic media and has overseen the growth and development of media based facilities. In addition to teaching she has developed workshops in the area of graphics and web design to help train and empower mature women. Ms. Samet presently serves as Coordinator of Graphics and New Media Support Programs. She also maintains a freelance design practice.
Maryalice Yakutchik: Ms.Yakutchik is the newest member of the Communication's Department's adjunct faculty, where she will be teaching Advanced Reporting in the Fall semester. She holds the Bachelor's in Journalism and the Master's in Creative Writing from Temple University. After working as a fulltime journalist early in her career, she has become a successful freelance journalist. Her bylines and photographs have appeared in such papers as USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Baltimore Sun, and the Sports Illustrated. Of significant note, is her freelance association with The Discovery Channel's web pages, where she regularly reports on various expeditions.
Valerie Connors: Ms. Connors earned her B.A. in English/Writing at Loyola College in 1998. After a successful internship at the Baltimore Sun, where she developed the "Reading by 9" feature, she went to work fulltime at the Philadelphia Inquirer as an editorial assistant in the Journalism Awards Department and for the annual "Report Card on the Schools" special section. Later she worked for Verticalnet, Inc., where she developed web site content for the hospitality, food service and the electronics industry. She is currently freelance, her most recent work being for's Travel Channel web site.