Students will have a unique opportunity to learn how to access a foreign culture and to acquire practical language skills, rapidly--using an immersion technique. The ability to assimilate quickly and to hone in on another culture's values are indispensable tools for anyone preparing for a career in a field where globalization and multi-culturalism are becoming increasingly important. At the micro level, students will learn how "to read" another culture on its own terms thereby eliminating cultural bias. At the macro level, students will be ready to become facilitators in the inter-cultural dialogue that the modern world requires.

Italian Language and Culture Module: Students will learn conversational Italian with some attention to the more formal aspects of the language. The study of the language will be the access point to learning about Italian culture. (Profs. Franco Mansi and Cristina Antoniucci)

The Writing Module: In this segment students will learn the basics of feature and travel writing. They will write one major assigned story for linear print media, including all the sidebar opportunities implicit in the piece. This story will be spun out into a multi-layered web story, an NPR-style radio report, and video segments. In addition, students may be asked to complete other media projects depending on the opportunities presented. There will also be writing exercises geared to deal with various writing issues as needed, with emphasis on writing for the web. The basic instructional mode will be work shopping all written work among faculty and students. (Profs. Andrew Ciofalo, Maryalice Yakutchick, and Valerie Connors)

The Design Module: In this segment students will learn rudimentary HTML programming and the principle of good design for the web. Attention will be payed to developing photos with strong graphic (illustrative) elements. Students will then combine text, photos and video clips into a web segment. (Prof. Diana Samet)

The Video Module: In this segment students will learn basic production techniques for shooting and editing video segments to support the text material that will anchor the web stories. Where necessary, students will create voice over recordings that translate Italian dialog into English.