Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance with Pandemic Coverage

All students (except for JMU) must purchase individual policies as soon as they complete payment for the trip (don’t delay). Once you have a receipt, forward it to and she will either credit your account or send you a refund check.

INSTRUCTIONS: Log on to and enter your individual travel info (not group). Next will pop up a list of insurance policies. Select “Tin Leg Gold.” We recommend that you add the “Cancel for Any Reason” option.

Listed below is the cost for each policy, which is the amount ieiMedia will reimburse you. The amount in parenthesis is the total cost if you decide to add “cancel for any reason” to your policy. Note that prices may vary according to the age of the traveler or if you add on more days to your trip, but ieiMedia will only reimburse the amounts in bold below.

URBINO - $219 ($328)
ADRIATIC - $113 ($169)
VALENCIA - $219 ($328)
BERLIN - $170 ($255)
PARIS - $170 ($255)