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Smiling Nun of Camerano cheers many

With a beautiful smile and the voice of an angel, she has brought something special to Camerano. Sister Simona along with two other nuns, Sister Domitilla and Sister Fulgenzia, have brought new life to Camerano through their faith, presence and work, focusing mainly on children.

The three women, who arrived in Camerano in 2004, are sisters of the Servants of Mary, a religious order founded by Don Ferdinando Maria Baccilieri in the 19th century and now operating in five countries but not the United States.

Enter Sister Simona's world of faith and music and be prepared to be amazed.

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One of the three women sent to be part of this new ministry in Camerano is Sister Simona, a philosophy graduate of the University of Bologna who has yet to make her final vows.

Now, age 27, she has decided to give her life to God and could not be happier.

“Every person looks for happiness," she said. "They meet other people who help them find this happiness. For me, life in the community with Christ is what I was looking for.

According to Simona, “The community in Camerano is very strong and lively, there are many young people who are very active.”

Sisters Domitilla, Fulgenzia, and Simona stand in front of their apartment window.

Photograph by Jennifer Adams




Sister Simona in her natural environment, the church.

Photograph by Jennifer Adams


Sister Domitilla

Sister Domitilla listens attentively to her colleague, Sister Simona, as they discuss their mission.

Photograph by Jennifer Adams

Most recently, young children working with the sisters spent a month making crafts and then sold them to raise money. The money was not for the children or the church in Camerano, but to give to other communities in need. This year, the money was sent to Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, Germany and the Czech Republic, all countries with communities of sisters from the Servants of Mary .

Next year is the most important year for Sister Simona’s walk in the sisterhood. For the past four years, she was required to renew her vows once a year. Her vows must be renewed one final time, but then they will be permanent.

After five years, a sister must decide if this is the way she wants to spend the rest of her life. Sister Simona has decided that living her life for Christ and helping others is what she loves to do. She loves to be in contact with young people and can not imagine her life any other way.

Sister Domitilla and Sister Fulgenzia are both retired nurses. They too have been in Camerano since 2004. They visit the sick and participate in other community activities, including daily Masses.

The three women believe that they have the spirit of Christ in them, love what they do and spread their joy to everyone with whom they come in contact. These women have truly blessed and brought something special to the community of Camerano.


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