Scenes and stories from a small town in the hills of Italy's Le Marche region

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Camerano's women's volleyball scene, Mark Rowan

Mountain biking in Le Marche, Erik Heinz

Teatro Maratti restoration, Keaton Williams

Italy's Yellow Cross, Elliott Yancey

Aging rock star contemplates future, Jennifer Adams

Piano restorer known the world round, Jamie Barsana

Camerano's vineyard workers, Allison Fisher

Camerano's thriving winery scene, Lea Emery

Immigrants overcome challenges moving to Italy, Averyl Dunn

Smiling nun sings for God, cheers all around her, Zan Lanouette

Driving school prepares Italians for mountain roads, Danielle Abbott

Housewife uses kitchen to express her love, Bobby Pope

Italian game of "morra" a favorite with older set, Katie Clayton

Underground caves hold Camerano's secrets, Kiley Peters

Organic farmer doubles as artist, Dixi Baldwin

Stradivarius of accordions in Camerano, Alissa Kuhn

Accordion manufacturing a key to Camerano's past, Elise Castle

Internet shop links immigrant community, Kelly Erickson

Royalty in Camerano: An interview with the Marquesa, Melissa Masar

Trattoria Strologo a focal point in town's piazza, Caroline Powers

Funeral rites rigidly followed in Camerano, Patrick Weatherly

Local soccer club feeds World Cup dreams, Cassie Echer



Camerano's Piazza Roma



Camerano's streets are mostly quiet; its residents friendly.



The Le Marche region is known for its vast and abundant sunflower fields.

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