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Urbino Now 2014

Urbino Now is the final product of IEI Media’s month-long course in international magazine journalism. Together, we create the text, photography, and design for a magazine about Urbino and Le Marche, a beautiful rural region of ancient festivals, traditional crafts, slow food, and slower living. The magazine also serves as an informational and inspirational resource for English-speaking visitors to the area. Using the MagCloud print-on-demand service, you can order copies of Urbino Now 2014. You can also view a digital edition of the magazine right now by clicking on “Click to Read,” below.

 More reading options:

  • iPad edition: Download the MagCloud app from the iTunes store, then go to the app’s Magazine Store and search for Urbino Now.
  • Download a PDF version of the magazine for viewing and sharing.


Urbino Now 2012


Read a digital edition of Urbino Now 2012 right now by clicking “Click to Read.” More reading options:


Urbino Now 2011


Read a digital edition of Urbino Now 2011 right now by clicking “Click to Read.” More reading options:


Urbino Now 2010


Read a digital edition of Urbino Now 2010 by clicking “Click to Read.”

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Things are complicated. I’ve never appreciated that sentiment more than now, after a month’s immersion in Istanbul. There is a totally new range of stories and issues from a culture that is oriented entirely differently than the United States. My admiration for the city slowly crept up on me. Diligent restaurant waiters, Muslim women in burkas and three-inch heels, entire families out at 2 a.m., the Bosphorus, my neighbor who fed 20+ cats daily, 17-year-olds willing to egg the mayor in protest against gentrification and for some semblance of self-determination–all these things inspired me.
by Rachel Aston, San Francisco State University, Istanbul Project 2014