Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policy

A fee of US $150 is due with the completed online application form, to pay for processing. This fee will be fully applied to the program cost for students accepted into the program — and fully refunded to those not accepted. Upon acceptance into the program, a non-refundable $350 deposit is due to secure the candidate’s space.

Applicants will be notified within two weeks of their acceptance into the program, unless neither of their references has responded, which is the applicant’s responsibility. The remaining balance is due by March 1, but a $150 “early-bird discount” will be given to all students who pay in full by check — U.S. or Canadian — postmarked before Jan. 1, 2017.

If applying after the Feb. 15 deadline, full payment is due immediately upon acceptance. After May 1, unpaid balances will be charged monthly interest at the rate of 1% of the open balance on the student’s account.

You must use ieiMedia’s PayPal portal to pay the $150 processing fee at the time of your application. ieiMedia will then bill you for the $350 deposit and the remainder of your balance, which can be paid through PayPal or, preferably, by personal check, as instructed on your billing statement. International students may choose to use bank wire to make their payments. If there are any questions about payments, please contact ieiMedia Executive Director Mike Dorsher at

Study Abroad programs require extensive, detailed advance planning. Because commitments for hotels, cooperating agencies and organizations are frequently done months in advance of the trip, it is essential that students be aware of their financial commitments when signing up for a program. The refund policy as outlined below will be strictly adhered to in order to ensure consistency and fairness.

  • If you decide to withdraw from a program, you must notify Prof. Dorsher ( immediately in writing.
  • If you withdraw before April 1, ieiMedia will refund all but the $350 deposit and $150 application fee.
  • If you withdraw between April 1 and May 1, ieiMedia will refund 50% of your payments after the deposit and application fee are subtracted.
  • If you withdraw after May 1, none of the program fee will be refunded.
  • If you require a visa and the visa application is denied, ieiMedia will refund the entire program fee upon receiving proof of visa denial, prior to March 1.
  • If a medically certified illness prevents your participation, the student will forfeit the application fee plus any payments made on behalf of the student that are non-recoverable. No refunds can be made after May 1.

We recommend that all study abroad students consider trip cancellation insurance to cover items such as program fees, airline tickets, and travel-related costs in the unlikely event of a withdrawal from a program. Many travel insurance companies exist and each one has its own terms and exclusions. Some offer “cancel for any reason” supplements and might be of particular interest. (Please be aware that this type of coverage often requires that you purchase the coverage within 14 days of the initial deposit.) ieiMedia does not endorse or recommend any insurance carrier, but these are some you may want to research for yourself.

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