Istanbul Internships

Student journalists worked with interpreters

Student journalists worked with interpreters to cover summer 2013 demonstrations in Istanbul's Taksim Square.

ieiMedia’s Istanbul Internships Program offers graduating seniors, graduate students and young professionals an opportunity to intern as correspondents for professional publications.

Internships run in tandem with the ieiMedia/San Francisco State University general international reporting program.

Interns stay in program accommodations near centrally located Bahçeşehir University, and are invited to participate in all campus instructional and cultural activities. These include Monday- through-Thursday morning classes in foreign reporting, multimedia journalism, videography, photojournalism and Turkish language.

In the afternoons, interns will be out reporting and writing, and shooting pictures and video, for their assigned publications. Students are assigned at least three stories. As long as their work meets standards, it will be published — as an important purpose of the internship is to help students develop standout portfolios that demonstrate international reporting prowess. Here are some recent internship clips.

Interns take direction primarily from publication editors. They are also assigned a faculty adviser, who will help them shape their stories. They will have access to shared interpreters, as well as to program equipment, such as still and video cameras.


Interns have covered life in Galata, an ancient neighborhood formed around a 14 century tower built by Genoese traders.

Graduate credit, if desired, should be sought from an intern’s home school.

You’ll write a minimum of three feature stories about issues in Turkey for the former World Press Review, now a large global affairs digital magazine based in New York CIty. You’ll work under the supervision of Worldpress‘ web editor in New York, with the assistance of Istanbul Project faculty.

Istanbul Eats
The co-editors of this Istanbul-based foodie blog and acclaimed book seek interns to work on special projects. If your work achieves the appropriate standard, it will appear under your byline in the Istanbul Eats blog, and may be considered for inclusion in a book.

Time Out Istanbul (English language edition)
Report on cultural affairs for the Istanbul edition of this powerful international brand. You’ll cover trends, thought, music, travel, food, books and the arts.

The Inter Press News Service
This is a global not-for-profit news service, founded in 1997 to focus on developing country issues. IPS stories are widely published in Latin America, Asia and Africa. You’ll write a minimum of three feature stories about Turkish issues, under the guidance of editors, drawing upon the assistance and direction of the Istanbul Project faculty.

Covering Istanbul's Gay Pride Parade.

Covering Istanbul's Gay Pride Parade

Founded by a longtime BBC producer and editor, this international web magazine aims to make headlines about faraway places tangible, and understandable to U.S. readers. As an intern correspondent under the direction of U.S.-based Latitude editors, you’ll write at least three stories about Turkish life and issues.

Note: As in all journalism, publications are never obligated to publish your stories. It is up to you to generate work that meets your assigned publication’s standards.


Interns will live in attractive university dorms in single or twin rooms in the upscale Beşiktaş neighborhood of central Istanbul, within easy reach of all program activities. Dorms are equipped with cooking facilities, high-speed Internet service, televisions, dishwashers and washing machines, and are protected by 24-hour security. There’s a campus meal service, and many inexpensive cafes, restaurants and shops nearby. Get more information about The Istanbul Project.



Get more information about The Istanbul Project.

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Students Say...

In addition to becoming acquainted with the the Italian culture, I have learned how to be a well-rounded journalist. Not only am I now comfortable with shooting video, but also with writing, taking pictures, and communicating with people despite not speaking their language.
by Giovanna Rajao, Iowa State University, Urbino Project 2013