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Valencia, Spain

A striking city along the Mediterranean Coast known for its magnificent beaches, Valencia blends the medieval with the modern. The third largest city in Spain, which prides itself as the birthplace of the seafood dish paella, Valencia offers students the opportunity to work as foreign correspondents and produce a website featuring print, photo and video stories.
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Oslo, Norway

When summer dawns, Norwegians draw back their blinds, open their doors, breathe in the fresh air and head onto the streets to ROCK! Home to major international music festivals, an abundance of venues and the birthplace of Black Metal, Oslo is the perfect setting for budding or professional journalists. Also, Norwegian language students can hone their language skills as an interpreter, working alongside our journalists and designers.
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Jerusalem, Israel

A meeting place of ancient and new, holy and secular, Jerusalem also is a gathering spot for foreign correspondents from around the world. Get a taste of the global journalist’s life by studying with veteran Middle East reporters, then go into the community with interpreters to report your own stories for our multimedia website.
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