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Professors can create study tours with ieiMedia Global Connections

Apr 27, 2017   //   by Michael Dorsher   //   Blog, Journalism Education, Marketing & Public Relations, Resources, Study Abroad  //  No Comments
Mike Dorsher, Ph.D., is the executive director of ieiMedia. A journalism professor emeritus for the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Dorsher was a Fulbright Scholar at McGill University in Montréal, 2008-09, and a founding editor of, 1996-2000.
Students visit the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque, also known as the Temple Mount.

Students visit the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque, also known as the Temple Mount.

Professors who want to take their summer or winterim courses on the road for credit can do so easily with a new service that ieiMedia is offering.

The Institute for Education in International Media and Mejdi Tours have formed a partnership — ieiMedia Global Connections — to enable professors and departments to offer academic tour programs anywhere in the world for current students or alumni.

ieiMedia is an education company that works with university departments in mass communications and the arts to offer month-long summer experiential programs abroad for undergraduate or graduate credit. Current campus partners include the University of Jamestown (ND), James Madison, Rutgers, Colorado State, University of Baltimore, Cal State-Fullerton, Hebrew University, Iowa State, Ithaca College, Florida International and Winston Salem State University.

Mejdi Tours is a B Corp whose mission is to create a more peaceful and interconnected world through socially conscious customized travel. Its university partners served include Boston University, Valparaiso, Brown, UC-Irvine, University of Chicago, Syracuse, St. Lawrence, Arcadia, Seattle Pacific and Loyola. In addition, Mejdi is a provider to National Geographic.

Countries now served by ieiMedia are Italy, Northern Ireland, Norway, Spain, Israel, Turkey and Japan. Under ieiMedia Global Connections, the following Mejdi countries are added: Cuba, Ireland, Palestine, Jordan, Greece, England, Ukraine, Germany, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Bosnia-Herzegovina-Croatia.

Academic tours are not limited to the countries mentioned; they can be customized for any destination on the globe.

Global Connections will work with faculty and administrators to develop a workable curriculum, establish routes and visits to satisfy requirements, arrange all travel (including visas), reserve all hotels and meals, and provide insurance. The organizing faculty member is responsible for getting all campus approvals and publicizing the program on campus. If the program is open to visiting students, ieiMedia will recruit from its national database.

Interested? If so, send an email requesting more information to ieiMedia Executive Director Michael Dorsher, Ph.D., at Please include your phone number. Alternatively, you may browse programs at the Mejdi website, starting at


PR and Marketing Programs Abroad: An Experiential Vacuum

Nov 25, 2013   //   by Andy Ciofalo   //   Marketing & Public Relations, Study Abroad  //  No Comments
Andy Ciofalo (ieiMedia Founder and President) is professor emeritus of communication/ journalism at Loyola College Maryland, where he arrived in 1983 to found what is now The Communication Department.

When it comes to study abroad opportunities for communications students, there are plenty of opportunities—especially in journalism—for most of the media disciplines.

As a journalism professor (retired) at Loyola University Maryland, I had to create short-term programs abroad because our juniors and seniors could find no equivalents abroad for the specialized professional courses required by our curriculum for upper classmen. We never could justify sending our students abroad full-time to transplanted classrooms and labs.

However, being abroad offered some unique experiential opportunities for field-based programs, as well as providing a global perspective beyond reach in the classroom at home.

Having pioneered the experiential media boot camp abroad in 2001, we brought this approach to full maturity with the establishment of ieiMedia (The Institute for Education in International Media).

However, the disciplines encompassing advertising, marketing, and public relations have lagged in these developments, except for internships and study tours. We believe there are now unprecedented opportunities to create résumé-building experiential programs in these areas.

On every continent there are emerging capitalist nations in need of tools to support their transformation. The key is not to work with entire countries, but to look for towns, cities, and provinces that could use some American expertise.

Over a year ago ieiMedia was approached by an Italian province in need of an infusion of new ideas and expertise. We had developed a workable concept that would bring American students and their marketing and PR faculty there for a summer of seed activity. We could never find an American university to partner with us in this enterprise.

Hopefully, that opportunity is still open. But we are eager to partner with any institution uniquely connected abroad to create a precedent-setting experiential summer program in advertising, marketing, and public relations.

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