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The Cagli Media Project

Institute for Education
in International Media
Andrew Ciofalo, Director

2007 Stories

Previous Stories

  La Gioconda: GabrieleGiacomucci
by Debbie Schallock
The Freshest Meat in Cagli
by Sarah Sullivan
Pizzeria L'Angolo: Cagli's Crossroads for Snacking
by Laura Stagliano
Old-Style Cheese Making Now the Exception
by Reid Johnson
Keen-Nosed Hounds Hunt for Chunks
of Savory Black Gold

by Kathryn Gregory
Culinary School in Cagli
by Rebecca Albert
Italian Cooking Tradition Takes on a Eurospin
by Kristen Conroy
  Small Town Company, Big Time Impact
by Anne Wessell
To Market, To Market: Wednesday in Cagli
by Allison Bockman
Equality in Italian Workspace
by Takako Sato
The Iron Man: Hammering Through the Ages
by Lea Faminiano
A Little Corner of Bohemian Fashion
by Katie Koepfinger
Lights, Laughter and Love of Luna Park
by Catherine Leung
Family Life
  Home & Grown: Extending Stay in Familial Nest Has Upside
by Vanessa Reeves
Six-Kid Family a Throwback in Low-Birthrate Italy
by Devon Dolan
American Kids Discover Whole Other Selves in Italy
by Michael Paine
From Ft. Worth to Cagli: A WWII Vet Finds Life and Love in Italy
by Katrina Hickman
Art & Architecture
  Cagli: A City Embedded with Art
by Julia Gaspary
Opera in Cagli: The Hidden Gem
by Tami Dixon
Gaetano Lapis
by Aziza Jackson
Restoring Old Cagli
by Laura Treadway
The Love of Dance
by Lauren Pappas
Sports & Outdoors
  A Passion for Cycling
by Cindy Dew
A Big Game in a Small Town
by Brett Kahn
Bocciodromo: A Men's Social Club
by Stephanie Meros
  Friar Leads Humble Life of Devotion
by Claire Davis
Corpus Christi in Cagli
by Mary C. Schell
Two Brits Savor Life as Rural Hoteliers
by Alex Cirillo
Freedom is Motorino
by Melanie M. Edwards
Raccolta Differenziata: Separation Equals Prevention
by Melissa Traynor
Young Adults Hitting the Bottle Harder
in Small Town Italy

by Kate Lacey
Fundamental Things Stay in Cagli
by Chanel Grundy
by Ian Roeber