Andrew Ciofalo, Founder & Director of Cagli Program
Kevin Atticks, Assitant Director & Lab Director, Professor in Web Design
Diana Samet, Senior Professor in Web Design, Web Master/Designer
Michael Braden, S.J., Senior Professor Photo and Video
George Miller, Photo-journalist, Photo & Video
Jane Satterfield, Senior Professor, Journal Writing    
Anne Marie Purdy
Valerie Conners , Journal Writing    
Elizabeth Iasiello
Ned Balbo, Senior Professor, Writing for Story    
Meghan Devine
John Caputo, Visiting Professor, Writing for Story    
Bob Buhowski
Peggy O'Neill, Program Evaluator      
Dawne Widener-Burrows, Program Evaluator
Francesco Mansi, Italian Language    

Andrew Ciofalo - Mr. Ciofalo, director and founder of the Cagli Program, has been teaching journalism at Loyola College since the inception of the Communication Department 18 years ago. Since earning his Master's in Journalism from Columbia University, he has had a varied career in media, including publications and higher education. He has become known for his op-ed writing and has published several academic articles on the topic. His most recent publication is his essay, "The Muse in the News," which explores the relationship between journalism and poetry.

Kevin Atticks - Dr. Atticks has been a member of the Communication faculty since 1999. After double-majoring in journalism and music composition at Loyola, he traveled to Boulder, Colorado, where he received a MA in environmental journalism. When he returned to Baltimore in 1999, he founded Resonant Publishing, a graphic design and book publishing company. Dr. Atticks teaches journalism and graphic design at Loyola and in his spare time writes about wine. He received his DCD (doctorate in communications design) from the University of Baltimore in 2002 where he studied Internet design and the effectiveness of e-advocacy.

Diana Samet - Ms. Samet has been teaching print graphics at Loyola since 1987. She earned the MA in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore, and has since taken advanced doctoral level courses. Her advanced course work focuses on hypermedia and web design. While at Loyola College in the Communication Department, she helped spearhead the movement into the electronic media and has overseen the growth and development of media based facilities. In addition to teaching, she has developed workshops in the area of graphics and web design to help train and empower mature women. She has also run a successful design practice since the early 80's. Ms. Samet presently serves as Coordinator of Graphics and New Media Support Programs. Ms. Samet is returning for her second stint in the Cagli Program.

Michael Braden,S.J. - Father Braden came to Loyola in 1999 from Loyola University of New Orleans, where he taught in The Broadcast Sequence and International Media Issues. Since coming to Loyola College in Maryland, he has developed the video component of the Digital Media emphasis and has also been setting up the college's radio and TV studios to support the curriculum and to enable students to develop their own programs for internal campus distribution. Father Braden earned his doctorate in International Communications at the University of Illinois (Champaign). His creative endeavors focus on the making of documentary films.

George Miller - Mr. Miller is a 1993 graduate of Loyola's Communication department. He worked briefly for the New York Dispatch and Sunday News before being hired as a staff photographer for the Philadelphia Daily News in 1994. During his tenure at the Daily News, Miller has received numerous awards for his images in contests locally and nationally. In 1997, he received his master's degree from the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. He remains a staffer at the Daily News and freelances as a writer for various publications including the Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer. He is also an adjunct professor of photography at Wilmington College. In May 2003, he completed a master of liberal arts degree with a specialty in creative writing at the University of Pennsylvania.

Jane Satterfield - Ms. Satterfield's first collection, Shepherdess with an Automatic (WWPH 2000) was awarded the Towson University Prize for Literature. New poems have appeared in Notre Dame Review, Massachusetts Review, the Antioch Review, The Journal, Bellingham Review, and Elixir. Among her awards for poetry are the John Atherton Scholarship in Poetry and Bread Loaf, a Walter E. Dakin Fellowship from the Sewanee Writers' Conference, as well as fellowships from the Maryland State Arts Council and England's Arvon Centre. Recently a fellow in nonfiction at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, she has received the Heekin Foundation's Cuchulain Prize fro Rhetoric in the Essay and the John Guyon Award for Literary Nonfiction from Crab Orchard Review for chapters of Motherland, a nonfiction manuscript-in-progress. A staff poetry reviewer for Antioch Review, her interests include autobiography and biography, motherhood in literature and popular culture, contemporary British poets, contemporary Irish women poets, and the contemporary essay. An assistant professor in the Communication Department at Loyola College in Maryland, she teaches in both the Honors and Gender Studies Programs and co-directs the Modern Masters Reading Series.

Valerie Conners - Ms. Conners earned her B.A. in English/Writing at Loyola College in 1998. After a successful internship at the Baltimore Sun, where she developed the "Reading by 9" feature, she went to work fulltime at the Philadelphia Inquirer as an editorial assistant in the Journalism Awards Department and for the annual "Report Card on the Schools" special section. Later she worked for Verticalnet, Inc., where she developed website content for the hospitality, food service and the electronics industry. She is currently freelancing, her most recent work being for's Travel Channel web site. Ms. Connors is teaching in her second year in the Cagli Program.

Ned Balbo - Ned Balbo received his education at Vassar, John's Hopkins and the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and his work has appeared in many journals, including American Poetry Review, Antioch Review and Notre Dame Review. Three times a Pushcart Prize nominee in poetry, he is 2002 winner of Crab Orchard Review's John Guyton Literary Nonfiction Prize. Balbo's poetry collection, Galileo's Banquet, won the 1998 Towson University Prize. He has been a fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and the West Chester University Poetry Conference. Balbo reviews poetry for Antioch Review, Pleiades, and other journals. In addition, Balbo contributed the English narration text read by Kristen Scott Thomas for the Miramax release "Microcosmos."

John Caputo - Dr. Caputo is Professor in the Department of Communication Arts at Gonzaga Univerisity in Sokane, Washington, He earned his Ph.D. from the Claremont Graduate School and University Center. He has been teaching communication courses for more than 30 years. His areas of expertise include media and social values, communication theory, intercultural and interpersonal communication. He is the author of four books: Dimensions of Communication; Interpersonal Communication; Communicating Effectively: Linking Thought and Expression; and McDonaldization Revisited: Critical Essays on Consumer Culture. Dr. Caputo has been honored as a Visiting Scholar In-Residence at the University of Kent at Canterbury, England and the Masters Program in Media and Communicatione at the Universita de Firenze, Italy.

Peggy O'Neill - Dr. O'Neill is an assistant professor of writing and director of composition at Loyola College in Maryland where she teaches a variety of undergraduate writing courses including first-year composition. A native of Baltimore, she joined Loyola College in the Fall of 2001 after three years at Georgia Southern University. Her scholarship, which focuses on writing assessment theory and practice, preparation of writing teachers and writing program administration has appeared in several different journals and essay collections. In addition, she has co-edited Field of Dreams: Independent Writing Programs and the Future of Composition Studies(Utah State University Press, 2002) and Practice in Context: Situating the Work of Writing Teachers (NCTE, 2002).

Dawne Widener-Burrows - Ms. Widener-Burrows has been an adjunct member in the Loyola Communications Department since 1999. She has also taught in the masters of marketing at Johns Hopkins University. She is an accomplished researcher and focus group facilitator. In her 20 + year career, she has conducted communications and advertising research for a number of leading U.S. and International companies. Currently, she is President of Widener Research, Inc., a research-consulting firm that specializes in conducting qualitative research. Some of her recent clients include the International Dairy Foods Assn ("Got Chocolate Milk?" ad campaign), CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Bank of America, the Department of Defense, and VISA. Ms. Widener-Burrows is also Founder of WB&A Market Research, one of the largest full-service research companies based in the Mid-Atlantic region. Ms. Widener-Burrows has a B.S. in Journalism and PR from the University of Florida.

Francesco Mansi -Franco Mansi is the Director of the Institute and was born and raised in Italy. He has studied and taught abroad and holds a Laurea in Lettere Moderne from the University of Urbino and a Ph.D. in Italian language and Literature from Rutgers University. The fundamental goal of the language institute is to satisfy the various needs of the students in learning a foreign language. Mansi uses the "Whole Language" system. Grammar and the four basic language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking - are emphasized at each level. Recently Mansi completed an italian language textbook especially meant for students in immersion programs.

Graduate Assistants in the Cagli Program:

Anne Marie Purdy - A communication major with a specialization in Advertising, Anne Marie Purdy has been accepted to a graduate program at the Portfolio School in Atlanta, Georgia. In this professional program she will hone her skills in the area of design and advertising. Anne Marie was a participant in the Cagli Program in 2002 and has a number of skills that she brings to the program.

Liz Iasiello - Liz is a rising senior and is a major in the Digital Media Specialization in the Department of Communication. She has strong skills in the area of filmmaking, including editing. She is a photographer and has well-developed design skills. Liz will be shooting a documentary film about the Cagli Program. Liz was also a participant in the 2002 program.

Meghan Devine - Meghan is a 2003 graduate of Loyola College and is a communication major with a specialization in Digital Media and a minor in Film Studies. Meghan has copmpleted a digital media specialization and is especially skilled in film production. She will be making a documentary film about the people and town while she is in Cagli. Meghan also returns having been a participant in 2002.

Bob Buhowski - Bob is a 2003 graduate of Loyola College with a degree in advertising and a minor in marketing. While participating in the program in 2002 he developed skills in the areas of html coding, photoshop and iMovie. Bob also has strong italian language skills and is a helpful translator in the program.