Modern Touches Breathe New Life into Old Cagli
An ancient doorway gives way to a brightly lit store window It is 2 o'clock and a hush has fallen over Old Cagli. It is pauza, the magic time between 1 and 4 in the afternoon when the town shuts down. Shops pull metal gates over their doors, and the main piazza clears out. With the hum of Vespas and young faces sleek with La Perla sunglasses absent from the cobbled streets, Cagli could seem old. But look closer: small clues of contrast and modernity reveal the suspended vibrancy. Modern windows and doors are tucked into seemingly ancient facades, lime green graffiti licks the side of a stone wall, and designer denim jeans hang from clotheslines. Although old, Cagli lives now.
The neon lights of the lighting store Laugolo della Luce shine through the otherwise ancient-looking pathway.

Far right: A modern brick building on Vietata L'Affissione.
At right: Denim jeans dangle from a clothesline.
Blue jeans hang on a clothesline A modern brick house is a rare sight in Cagli
A modern door does exist in Cagli! These wooden gates cover the opening to
an extraordinary garden At Left: Some of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in Cagli exist in the form of doorways, ranging from this blond wood and brass door on Via Lapis to rotting, vine-covered wooden gates on Via de Porta Vitteria. A plant grows through a window
A modern car sits in front
of ancient columns An old-fashioned
bicycle lines up next to a brand new moto.

Above: New plaster seals a modern window to an old building on Corso XX Septiembre.

This new car in front of Scuola Media can be considered one of the new monuments in town. A classic bicycle and a modern moto rest against one of the ancient buildings lining Via Lapis.
Text by Kerri-Ann Jennings, Photographs by Marissa Norkus, Page Design & Layout by Diana Richardson
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