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Rachele Kanigel is an associate professor of journalism at San Francisco State University. She directed ieiMedia projects in Jerusalem (2013), Perpignan (2010 and 2011) and Urbino (2009) and taught reporting in Cagli in 2007. In 2017 she will co-direct ieiMedia's new international reporting program in Kyoto, Japan.

Looking for a way to fund your study-abroad trip? ieiMedia has partnered with Fund My Travel to help students set up crowdfunding campaigns designed to help them make their study-abroad dreams a reality.

Fund My Travel is an online fundraising platform developed by to allow students to raise funds for “meaningful travel experiences,” such as study-abroad programs and overseas internships and volunteer opportunities. Participants can create a customized webpage that describes their travel plans and sets a fundraising goal. They can then share the page with friends, family members and other contacts through social networking sites.

Fund My Travel is the latest entry in a the growing field of online fundraising platforms that have launched in recent years. In the same way that journalists use Spot.Us to raise money to report stories and entrepreneurs use Kickstarter to help them get their businesses off the ground, people can use Fund My Travel to raise money for travel projects.

Setting up a campaign with Fund My Travel is easy. The site offers step-by-step instructions; all you need to start is a verified PayPal account. ieiMedia students can choose ieiMedia from among the list of program providers and then select their desired program.

Has Grandpa asked what you want for Christmas? Is Aunt Norma looking for graduation gift ideas? Send them to Fund My Travel and they can read about your plans to study international reporting in Israel or create an iPad magazine in France.

To launch the new site, Fund My Travel is giving away $50 of free funding to the first 50 successful  fundraisers who reach their campaign goal amounts.

Fund My Travel charges a 5 percent fee for the service; standard PayPal charges also apply. ieiMedia does not profit in any way from students setting up campaigns through Fund My Travel. ieiMedia students are welcome to use other crowdfunding platforms, such as MyTab or GoGetFunding to raise funds.

Unlike with some online fundraising platforms, Fund My Travel does not require that you meet your goal to collect the money. If you set a goal of $5,000 and you only raise $3,500 you will still receive all the donations.

Fund My Travel is open to students around the world.

For more information about Fund My Travel go to the organization’s FAQ page.






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